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  Twelve O'Clock High (TV series)
from The Internet Movie Database:
Twelve O'Clock High (1964-1967)
(TV Series)

Cast (in alphabetical order)
Paul Burke.... Colonel Joseph Anson Gallagher
Andrew Duggan.... Brigadier General Ed Britt
Robert Lansing .... Brigadier General Frank Savage (1964-1965)
John Larkin (I).... Major General Wiley Crowe (1964-1965)
Chris Robinson.... Tech. Sgt. Sandy Komansky

Some Notable Guest Appearances:
Julie Adams as Lt. Betty Russo (10/11/65)
Tige Andrews as MSgt. Tony Podesta (9/20/65)
Lloyd Bochner as Kirby Wyatt (10/25/65)
Eric Braeden as Major Bentz (ep. 'Day of Reckoning')1966)
Beau Bridges as Cpl. Steven Corbett (9/27/65)
Walter Brooke as Roy Saxon (10/18/65)
William Bryant (I) as Maj. Greentree (10/18/65)
J.D. Cannon as Brig. Gen. Dave Creighton (9/20/65)
Paul Carr as Lt. Col. Heindorf (9/12/65)
Robert Colbert as Lt. Col. Bailey (9/12/65)
Robert Colbert as Lt. Col. Frank Bailey (10/11/65)
Gary Lockwood as Lt. Josh McGraw (10/4/65)
Claudine Longet as Suzanne Arnais (9/12/65)
Jack Lord as Lt. Col. Preston Gallagher (10/11/65)
Paul Mantee as Lt. Constantinius (10/4/65)
Lois Nettleton as Susan Nesbitt (10/25/65)
Warren Oates as Lt. Col. Jerry Troper (10/18/65)
Gia Scala as Ilka Zradna (9/20/65)
Tom Skerritt as Sgt. Ben Rodale (9/27/65)

This series chronicles the adventures--in the air and on the ground--of the men of the 918th Bombardment Group of the U.S. Eighth Air Force. First commanded by irascible General Frank Savage--and later by Colonel Joe Gallagher, the son of a Pentagon General--the Group is stationed in England, and flies long-range bombing missions into German-held Europe.

Summary written by:
Marg Baskin {marg@asd.raytheon.ca}

Genre(s): Drama war

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