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Dave Powells British Battle! Page
Thumbnails of the entire British Series.
Mickey's Sports Cards
Spotlight On 1965 Topps Battle Series by Bill Bengen
read the article at Mickey's or on my site
The Norm Saunders Site
The Norm Saunders Site is a reference guide that documents the entire published works of Norman Saunders who was the artist for most of the cards in the series.
View t he complete set with artist credits.  

Zeldas Mars Attacks Hompage
One of the best Mars Attacks sites out there.There is a complete set of card images and more Mars Attacks information, trivia and links than most people would ever find.

Bob Heffner's Dinosaurs Attacks! Homepage
In 1988 there was a lot of interest in Dinosaurs and Topps thought another blood and guts series would be unusual enough to be sucessful again. But it never broke through as a card series in a big way. Just hard core collectors seemed to love them. The best Dinosaurs Attack! site (even if it is mine).

The Non-Sport Update
This slick magazine is THE source for info about all types of non-sports cards and related topics. In-depth articles cover everything from the hottest new movie card sets to the classic sets of years gone by (including Mars Attacks!) to industry insights. A MUST for anyone who wants to keep up with the fascinating world of non-sports card collecting!
Topps Company, Inc.
Homepage for the people that brought you Bazooka Bubble Gum, baseball cards since 1951, and the great sets of non-sports cards mentioned on this site. You'll find company information and history here. Also there is a great flashback section showcasing older card sets.
The Wrapper
The oldest non-sport trading card publication still in print. It was first published in 1978 by Les Davis, owner and editor. If you are a trading card buff of old or new non-sports cards, The Wrapper is the cheapest and most effective way to reach both dealers and hobbyist alike.
Bubblegum Cards.Com
Classic trading card scans from 1930 to 1980 by Todd Frye.
36 series & 2,483 card images!

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