About the Maps Last Updated 08/14/00

  • They're in PDF format because GIF & JPG formats don't hold the necessary detail.
  • They're black & white so they can be printed, photo-copied and used to plot courses.
    Color is great but we all don't have color printers (yet).
  • The page sizes are in inches with 'American-isms' such as 'letter' and 'tabloid' but they
    are scaled to print on international paper sizes.

To satisify the requests for maps that are editable I've started adding GIF versions.
These are lower resolution maps that can be opened in any paint program and drawn on.
They will not necessarily print out to the correct scale for use with the navigational aids.

Feel free to modify my maps for your own use (add color, bomb runs, etc.) just let me know so I can check out your work, too.
If you'd like to link to my pages go right ahead.

Here are graphic buttons you can use:

Send E-mail to me with corrections, changes or additions. - Bob Heffner