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506 Pennsylvania Ave.
Fairmont, WV
Must Eats: pepperoni roll, pizza
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Italian Pizza
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      A former beer joint and dance hall, Colasessano’s is now strictly in the business of making pizzas, hot sandwiches on broad homemade buns, and pepperoni rolls. A Colasessano’s pepperoni roll is significantly bigger than the typical self-contained little sandwich that is sold in West Virginia convenience stores. Hand-rolled in the back room by one of a team of women who carefully wrap each length of dough around a sheaf of chewy twigs of pepperoni, one Colasessano’s pepperoni roll is a good-sized meal. For those with a serious hunger, it is possible to have the baked bun opened up and the inside piled with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and roasted peppers, thus transforming it into a kind of Italian-bread-based pizza.

      The Colasessano family’s business has been a popular Fairmont meeting place for decades; and although there are no tables or chairs in the front room and all foods are sold to go, the old bar still has a foot-rest that makes for comfy waiting and easy conversation after you place your order with Joe or his mother Josephine. On the wall is a portrait gallery of beloved family members and admired politicians, including John F. Kennedy, who swung through Fairmont on the Presidential campaign trail in 1960. Joe Colasessano likes to remember that a very young Ted Kennedy was about to sample a pepperoni roll that day, but was reminded that it was Friday, and therefore chose meatless pizza instead.
- Michael Stern, 3/4/2001 4:27:00 PM
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After placing your order at this bar, you can chat with Joe or simply admire the photographs of family members, local celebrities, beloved professional wrestlers, and politicians that adorn Colasessano's wall.

Once a tavern, Colasessano's is now strictly a take-out store; but it remains one of Fairmont's culinary highlights.

At this table in the back kitchen, Ted Kennedy ate pizza in 1960.
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