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John Veasey
From John Veasey's Column
in the Times West Virginian
Fairmont, West Virginia
Tuesday, March 23, 2004
John Veasey

Allen: Fairmont should host pepperoni fest

Bob Allen has come up with an idea that he thinks would be a winner for Fairmont and marion County

The former Fairmont City Council member would like to see Fairmont host a "pepperoni festival."

Think about it. Buckhannon has its Strawberry Festival and Kingwood has its Buckwheat Festival. What single food has put Fairmont on the map any more than pepperoni rolls?

Bob says he takes them everywhere, and people can't get enough of them. The late Cheech Argiro, whose family is credited with "inventing" them, used to make sure I had a good supply to take on trips to West Point and the Army-Navy game for the "Big Guy" and his fellow cadets.

"This would be a good way to promote Fairmont and the pepperoni rolls," Bob says. "It would be a win-win situation with a festival developed around the pepperoni rolls. many people but pepperoni rolls to take back to their homes when they visit here."

If they can do it with strawberries and with buckwheat cakes, we say the idea may be worth some study.

Bob would like to hear some input on the idea.


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