My Test Page

Just a page where anything goes....
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MouseOver Background Change

A page where the background changes when mousing over color blocks.

Countdown Counter

A page with two counter scripts that count down to a date and display the results.

Size Test Page

I made two small GIF's at 72 dpi to run across the top and down the side of a web browsers page to use as a comparison when adjusting the window size of different browsers, on different monitors, on different platforms, etc, etc.

Feel free to grab and use the images. Just send me some e-mail so I can see where you've used them. -Bob

Color Chart

Some newer browsers can use color 'names' instead of the hexidecimal color number.
How these colors display depend on your browser and how many colors your computer is set up to display.

“Magic” Background Color Changer

Typing in the 'name' of the color and clicking 'change' will let you preview the background color by changing the background of your page.

The results depend on which browser, browser version, computer platform, and how many colors your computer can display.

Try typing in your name or random characters.

ASCII Code Chart for HTML

Some characters can't be typed directly in HTML so you have to use a series of characters to represent the one you want. Many times these are built into an HTML editor. But here is a chart built in HTML code.

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