A site dedicated to my favorite WWII aircraft

I've gathered together information over the years and thought this would be a good way to organize it and make it available to others.

There are a number of good reference books that I've come across. Some are better than others. Many have wonderful illustrations. For straight information check out the facts.
Information and pictures are one thing but if you want to see the plane in action locate one of these movies. A number of flight simulators let you 'fly' or fly around B-17's. There are even scale models that you can build.

Nothing beats seeing the real thing so, if you really have the urge, go see an actual B-17 on display. But if you can't, then take a virtual tour of a B-17 on this site. And finally, there's a page where I put things that don't fit anywhere else.



Autographed picture of Memphis Belle
Photo gallery of B-17 pictures
Autographed copy of 12 O'Clock High