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  Autographed 12 O'Clock High Book
12 O'Clock High hardback book cover
In February 1996 I was in Florida for two weeks.

I was checking into a class being offered in the local library there on how to connect to the Internet. (Two weeks with out e-mail! I was having withdrawal symptoms) In passing they mentioned that they were having a book sale the next day and I might want to attend.

At the sale I found a copy of 12 O'Clock High. Hardback - 50 cents.

When I got it home I noticed that it had been inscribed to Maj. Gen. Wm. Kepner of Eglin Air Force Base but I couldn't make out the signatures. By coincidence I had picked up some used video-tapes at a garage sale to use in the VCR where we were staying. One of the movies was 12 O'Clock High!

As I watched the credits I figured out the autographs in the book.

First was from Sy Bartlett (one of the authors of the book)!
Second was from Henry King (the director of the film)!
Third was from Gregory Peck (the star of the film)!

What a find!

All the inscriptions were thanking Kepner for his cooperation in making the film. Sy Bartlett mentioned that Kepner was the last commander of the 8th Air Force in England and was one of the 'real Frank Savages'.

I tell this story to people and mostly get yawns (except for the Gregory Peck part) but another B-17 fan would appreciate it.

Check out the 12 O'clock High Book's backcover for pictures of the authors and brief biographical notes.

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