Aircraft Recognition Last Updated 02/25/00

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WarBirds v2.5 Aircraft Recognition Pictorial Manual v2.0

(1000k) B&W silhouette charts showing the planes in WarBirds 2.5.
Each page has the individual aircraft's ordnance loadout options
An adaptation of a WWII manual used by pilots and flight crews. 58 pages.

Like the original, the pages are intended to have three holes punched and be bound with a shoelace.
This shoelace binding proved practical in ease of use and in efficiently adding pages as new aircraft were put into combat service. It'll probably be handy for WarBirds also as planes are added.

A note about the PDF file: to keep the pages numbered correctly the file opens to page 57 - the cover.
Clicking on the "with table of contents" line on the cover will take you to the last page - the index.
You can also get to the index at any time by clicking on the 'go to last page' icon in Acrobat Reader.
Clicking on any line in the index will take you to that page in the document.

Finally, the file _is_ relatively large but I wanted to preserve the quality of the illustrations.
If there are enough requests, problems or corrections perhaps the files could be available in sections.

Download a sample. 4 pages (100k)

Thanks to: KM, Official/Unofficial Editor
and: Wade Williams and Bjornar Svinggen

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