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As the computer programs I use become more complicated (especially the graphics programs and the flight simulators)
I find that I need a reminder for which keys do what.

I started making keyboard Øverlays for my Commodore 64...
...............then for my Amiga 500...
............................and now for my Macintosh.

(I still have a number of Amiga Øverlays for the die-hard Amigans out there.)

Keyboard Øverlay Design

These keyboard Øverlays are not intended to be a substitute for the manual. They are designed to be a quick reference to the controls and their locations on the keyboard. The software packages have many options that can best be learned by reading the instructions provided by the developer. Buy the programs.

The Øverlays are designed to fit the Mac Extended Keyboard (XT)
or the AppleDesign Keyboard (AD) that has a smaller space between the function keys and the rest of the keys.

If you have a 'fast' connection (or don't mind a short wait) you might want to look at thumbnails of some of the Øverlays before downloading them.

Macintosh Keyboard Øverlays:

Click to begin downloading the file -- sizes are approximate
(XT) = Extended Keyboard -- (AD) = AppleDesign Keyboard

  1. A-10 Attack! (XT) (69k)
  2. A-10 Attack! (AD) (69k)
  3. A-10 Weapons Load Chart (17k)
  4. Air Warrior v3.57 (XT) (38k)
  5. Air Warrior v3.57 (AD) (38k)
  6. Blank (XT) (10k) - Make your own overlay
  7. Chuck Yeager's Air Combat (XT) (41k)
  8. Dogfight City (XT) (41k)
  9. Dogfight City (AD) (41k)
  10. Duke Nukem 3D (XT) (32k)
  11. Duke Nukem 3D (AD) (32k)
  12. Escape Velocity (XT) (32k)
  13. Escape Velocity (AD) (32k)
  14. Hellcats/Leyte Gulf (XT) (32k)
  15. F/A-18 Hornet 2.0 (XT) (60k)
  16. F/A-18 Hornet 2.0 (AD) (60k)
  17. F/A-18 Hornet 3.0 (XT) v2 (137k)
  18. F/A-18 Hornet 3.0 (AD) v2 (137k)
  19. Falcon MC (XT) (42k)
  20. Flight Simulator 4.0 (XT) (36k)
  21. Flight Unlimited (XT) (36k)
  22. Flight Unlimited (AD) (36k)
  23. RogueSpear KeyBoard Chart (52k)
  24. Thrustmaster Joystick/Throttle Chart (15k)
  25. WarBirds (Øverlays, maps and charts)
  26. WWII SkyFighters 1.0 (XT) (36k)
  27. WWII SkyFighters 1.0 (AD) (36k)
  28. X-Plane 3.6 (XT) v2 (63k)
  29. X-Plane 3.6 (AD) v2 (63k)
  30. X-Plane 2.7 (XT) (48k)
  31. X-Plane 2.7 (AD) (48k)
  32. X-Wing 1.0 v1 (XT) (125k)
  33. X-Wing 1.0 v1 (AD) (125k)

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